California SBDC

Mazen Animal Health

“[SBDC] support, mentoring and relationship building has positively contributed to Mazen’s success in finding additional investors, ultimately leading to data demonstrating that the dream of oral vaccination can be realized”.

Revolutionizing Animal Health: Mazen’s Edible Vaccines are Changing the Game


Mazen Animal Health is a biotech company founded by Jenny Filbey in 2016. The company is developing orally-delivered animal vaccines that revolutionize animal disease prevention. The company raised initial angel financing to enable early product development and production.


Jenny and the team faced the challenge of raising money to fuel the dream of edible vaccines. With SBD support, they closed a strategic partnership and a $2M Series Seed round, funding a pivotal animal study and the addition of key team members. Mazen was able to acquire $1.3 Million in Angel investment.


As a result of their efforts with the SBDC, Mazen has been able to prove that oral vaccination works by demonstrating that pregnant sows, when orally vaccinated with Mazen’s product, provide protection to newborn pigs from sickness and death from the target disease. Jenny and the team will continue to lead the company toward product approval, team expansion, pipeline growth, and, ultimately a company exit.

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