Building a Legacy:
Entrepreneurs Thrive in the Golden State

California has been a hub for entrepreneurship and small business growth for decades. With a robust economy, vast access to venture capital, and a thriving startup culture, the state has consistently drawn entrepreneurs seeking to launch and grow their ventures.

This is evident in California’s rich and storied history of entrepreneurship, dating back over a century and cementing its position as a leader in business innovation and development.

Today, California continues to attract entrepreneurs and small business owners, offering a strong economy with a gross domestic product (GDP) of over $3 trillion, making it the fifth-largest economy in the world. In terms of access to venture capital, California is a leader, with over $130 billion invested in startups in 2019 alone.

The state’s thriving startup culture is also a major draw, with San Francisco and Silicon Valley being recognized as the world’s leading centers for technology startups.

California’s diverse industries make it a prime location for small business growth. From agriculture to technology and entertainment, the state is home to thriving sectors that offer ample opportunities.

Its reputation as a hub for innovative technology is evident with companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook located there. The entertainment industry, driven by Hollywood’s billions in revenue from film, music, and television production, adds to its economic strength.

Additionally, California’s agriculture sector plays a significant role in global food security, with over $20 billion in annual exports of commodities such as almonds, grapes, and dairy.

California is a hub for entrepreneurial innovation, inspiring visionaries to turn their ideas into thriving businesses that shape the future.

California’s steadfast support of entrepreneurship and drive for innovation create a thriving environment for small business owners.

The California Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers targeted support to entrepreneurs, with services including business planning, capital connections, and marketing strategies.

Through the SBDC’s assistance and resources, small business owners are empowered to overcome challenges and realize their full potential, solidifying California’s status as a premier destination for small businesses in the nation.

As a state renowned for its pioneering spirit in business innovation and growth, California continues to lead the way.

California’s robust economy, thriving small business community, and dedication to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation ensure its continued appeal as a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. This is evident in the expanding startup ecosystem, with over 300,000 new businesses launching each year, including trailblazing companies in industries such as biotechnology, software development, and renewable energy.

Together with state and local government, community partners, and entrepreneurs, California SBDC is preparing the next generation of business leaders for success. Find your local SBDC and join us in creating a more vibrant, sustainable, and resilient economic future for our great state.

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