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Hella Nuts

“If you are patient, and you listen, you will be able to thrive with SBDC’s help. I can’t believe all this was free!”

Plant-Based. Black-Owned. Women-Owned. Covid-Launched:

Hella Nuts.


Hella Nuts, Owned by Mieko and Kamari Scott, is an Oakland-based, plant-based, women-owned, and black-owned business that has been operating since 2018 at festivals and pop-ups. The business is focused on providing fresh, organic, and plant-based vegan food products made primarily of nuts sourced from neighboring Stockton and Lodi. They have been operating since 2018 at festivals and pop-ups, but COVID prevented them from opening their new, physical eatery’s doors.


The Scotts came to the SBDC and the SBDC’s Restaurant Program with no experience with financials. They worked hard with their advisors to develop a business plan, learn how to price, and understand their budget. Their advisors introduced them to crucial connections in the restaurant industry who went out of their way to help with every level of their business. They credit the SBDC for encouraging them to build an extra $20-30K into their budget which has helped keep them afloat through the shut-downs.


The Scotts switched from their in-person plan to selling online and wholesale where they found national demand with 85% of customers being from out of state.

In the future, the Scotts plan to continue to grow their online and wholesale sales and expand their product line. They also plan to continue working with the SBDC to continue to develop and improve their business. Additionally, they hope to eventually open a physical location for their eatery once the pandemic subsides and they can obtain the necessary permits from the City of Oakland. They also want to continue to be active in their community, raising awareness about veganism and the benefits of plant-based diets.

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