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NorCal SBDC serves small businesses from Aptos to Crescent City. From Truckee to San Jose. We have services in multiple languages to meet the needs of this diverse, innovative region.

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No other region in the country matches the diversity of Northern California’s natural and social landscapes.

From the Shasta Cascades to the mighty Pacific Ocean. From the High Sierra to the Golden Gate Bridge. That rich diversity in the landscape has inspired generations to innovate here like no other place on earth. There is something almost magical about the region that has attracted the adventurous and creative alike.

When you become a small business owner here, you join a legacy of innovators and entrepreneurs who have made an indelible mark not just in the region but the country and the world. And when you team up with the SBDC, you can tap into that legacy with insights that come from some of the most intrepid business owners imaginable.

Northern California is globally recognized as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We’ve always been on the front lines of new ventures – from the gold rush to the tech boom. We dream big here, inspired to take on challenges others may deem impossible. As a result, businesses of all sizes can thrive here.

At NorCal SBDC, we climb the mountain of the impossible every day fueled by the understanding that while a dream without a plan might be a wish, a dream with a plan is a business.

Dream with us

Our History

For 40 years, we’ve been helping small businesses.

With experience that spans generations, the SBDC is your go-to resource for business solutions. With experts in every aspect of business management, we have connected thousands of businesses with the resources they need to succeed. No matter where you are in your business – just starting or looking to manage your growth – we know how to help. The SBDC has been doing it since Back to the Future came out on VHS.

NorCal SBDC was founded in 2006, and since that time, we’ve advised more than 80,000 businesses that make this region thrive.


Our story begins. Humboldt State University becomes a new host to Northern California SBDCs. The network includes 13 counties located along the northern coast of the state.


One Voice. The California SBDC Leadership Council is established to create a unified brand and message for statewide partners.


Services in Spanish. NorCal establishes the Hispanic Satellite SBDC in San Jose, CA. Nationwide, it is the first of its type.


Plugged in. NorCal launches its technology commercialization program—Tech Futures Group—in Berkeley, CA.


Government contracting. Humboldt State University and the NorCal SBDC become host to the Northern California Procurement Technical Assistance Program, PTAC.


State investment. Years of advocacy pay off! California Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GO-Biz) partners with the SBDC program to enhance business services.


Serious growth! HSU becomes host to 23 more Northern California counties, creating the 3rd largest SBDC program in the United States.


Expansion. NorCal’s workforce surpasses 500 employees and contractors across 36 counties. Headquarters moves to Eureka to accommodate the growth of the team.

Covid-19. NorCal SBDC helps thousands of businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic and access more than half a billion dollars in capital.


VBOC. NorCal SBDC becomes the host of the Veteran’s Business Outreach Centers (VBOC) program.

Our Impact


We measure our success by the success of the businesses we serve. As a no-cost resource for small businesses, we have nothing to sell and no motive that drives us harder than seeing you realize your business dreams.

Over the years, we’ve applied our experience to the needs of thousands of businesses, resulting in economic growth and new jobs that have helped countless families and individuals thrive and have cultivated community culture and traditions that impact the lives of millions.

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All data reported by SBDC businesses. No multipliers used, results verified annually by third party research.

Our Clients

Hella Nuts
Oakland, CA

Business Clients of All Types

Our clients represent the creativity and tenacity of the Northern California small business community. They are diverse in both the types of businesses they run and the types of people they represent. The fabric that makes up the thousands of clients who have trusted us to help them with their business is woven together by a single common thread: the belief that small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities.

Read Client Stories

Freeline Surfshop
Santa Cruz, CA

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates
Eureka, CA