California SBDC

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop – Rancho Mirage

“It was only 30 minutes later that I received the best phone call of my life… It was an SBDC Consultant named Frank Plasso.”

From Pandemic Panic to Funding Fortunes:
The Ben & Jerry’s Story


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in Rancho Mirage had a promising start in 2020 with increasing sales and foot traffic. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 changed everything. The owner was faced with the challenge of keeping the business open, paying employees and taking care of their family.


The owner was struggling to find a solution and came across the SBDC website. Despite being hesitant at first, they decided to reach out for help.


The owner was quickly connected with Frank Plasso, an SBDC consultant. Frank helped the owner navigate the complicated process of securing grants and loans, including PPP loans, EIDL loan, Cares Act grant, and two Rancho Mirage City grants. Frank was a constant source of support and encouragement.


Thanks to Frank’s help, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream was able to stay open and reach new sales levels in 2021. The business received a total of $97,000 in grant money and a $149,900 SBA loan. The owner considers Frank not only a hero but a trusted friend.

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