"Tech Futures Group provides very valuable assistance to any organization. We are very fortunate to be included and wouldn’t be where we are without the TFG!" - Richard Lowden, founder. 

Richard Lowden

RTBIQ is a mobile advertising bidding platform for companies that wish to manage their own mobile ad campaigns.   Our technology enables our clients to purchase optimized mobile advertising with precision and scale.
Uniquely, we offer a proprietary active learning technology that optimizes client’s campaign directly against custom key performance indicators.  
In addition, RTBIQ offers:

  • Customizable key performance indicators
  • Sophisticated audience targeting capabilities
  • Transparent analytical tools
  • Access to unlimited mobile ad impressions

Our team of dedicated, professional data scientists works with clients to magnify their brand presence in the market.

RTBIQ's success with TFG:

Our consultant, Gerry Barañano helped open our eyes to the possibility of doing non-recurring engineering contracts for clients as a way of standing out from our competitors.  We were able to engage with those sophisticated clients that wanted something beyond a standard media buy.

RTBIQ’s developers loved this way of engaging with prospects.  These initial conversations helped to demonstrate the technical prowess of our team, which helped to separate us from our competition since we were so open to having more technical conversations. We were one of the few companies confident enough to have technical conversations with prospective customers. 
This new approach led to doors being opened with media buying teams as we all saw the larger opportunity for close collaboration.

These conversations led to $150,000 of booked revenue.  With strong revenue, RTBIQ opted not to raise equity financing and thus keep 100% of our company., and  headcount increased from two people to now having a team of seven.

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This procurement technical assistance center is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.